Employees are a Community. Engage Them.

Increase Productivity

Studies show that engaged employees are 43% more productive than their less-engaged peers. The most innovative companies use a holistic approach to engage employees. Kontribune Engage is a cost-effective social publishing tool that can easily be implemented as a part of an overall engagement plan.

Generate Clarity

More than half of employees are unsure of their company’s goals and how they can help achieve them. Greater clarity can often be obtained simply by providing a way for employees to communicate with each other and management. Kontribune Engage lets people gather, publish, and share stories easily.

Build Loyalty

HR professionals agree that employees who are engaged at work are 86% more likely to feel happy, creative and motivated. Increased engagement helps companies attract and keep talent. Kontribune Engage is a simple yet powerful way to maintain transparency, and stay in touch with and recognize employees.

Inspire Your Employees

Kontribune Engage
To win the marketplace you must first win the workplace. - Doug Conant, CEO Campbell’s Soup

Our Clients

Harness the Power of Community

Kontribune Engage is an online social publishing tool to inform, inspire and engage your employees.

We created the Kontribune platform to help all types of communities become more passionate, connected, and effective. Ongoing communication and stimulating conversation is one of the greatest contributors to a thriving community. We designed and developed Kontribune Engage to enable organizations to easily interact and connect with their members in a way that also encourages their contribution.

We believe employee engagement increases when you cultivate employees as members of a community. Fancy game rooms, free dry-cleaning and meals are great but do not always make a loyal employee.

Kontribune Engage helps you update, educate and align employees to your company’s purpose and goals, while also encouraging their contributions. When employees receive consistent and compelling communications and experience that their voice matters, their participation increases and they are better equipped and more willing to advocate on behalf of the company.