Kontribune is an easy and affordable way to publish media-rich content for your employee community, by your community.

The Top 3 Reasons Company’s choose us:

Simple Publishing

We have made it extremely easy to create and publish content in Kontribune. Our content management system allows you, your employees or designated authors to directly type or paste written content from other programs such as Word. Users can add hyperlinks to other content or outside websites, upload photos and embed video. Once published, content is available for as long as the community is active.

Monitoring and Moderation

Kontribune Engage has built-in monitoring and moderation capability. Before contributed content is made “live,” you or your moderators can review each piece for quality, accuracy and relevance. You can communicate directly with the contributor to recommend revisions based on the set the content guidelines and social etiquette you would like to establish for your employee community. You can have control over who can read and create content and any user can report content to review.

Clean Design, Easy Customization

Kontribune was designed with the idea that you shouldn’t have to have a background in typography or graphic design to publish online. And you certainly shouldn’t have to be an HTML programmer! Our comprehensive templates provide a clean and professional design, but you can easily click to customize many aspects of your Kontribune Engage site — such as identity, colors, fonts, and masthead. You can set up your site to be completely private  or public, allowing anyone access.

More Kontribune Engage features:

Social Media Connectors: Kontribune includes social applications, auto-promoting content to any Facebook wall or Twitter feed, and many other social hooks. Depending on member preferences, Kontribune sends weekly or monthly emails with a summary of all new articles since the last email.

Member Emails: Depending on member preferences, Kontribune sends weekly or monthly emails with a summary of all new content since the last email. No more deadlines or HTML coding to generate great looking emails.

Archives: Content is accessible for as long as the community is active. A simple search allows any member to find old content.

Trending: The most popular content from your employee community automatically bubble to the top of your site.

Advertising: We have built a powerful yet simple ad widget within Kontribune Engage to enable you to promote company events and feature important company milestones.

Event Manager: The simple event manager allows you to post upcoming events, keeping employees updated and aware of what’s ahead.